ISPS Training in Harper At The PST


A pictorial view of a three (3) days training exercise in The International Ship & Port Security facility (ISPS) code training that came with a 10 hours review and testing period of eight (8) modules on Thursday and Friday.

However, 40 participants mainly workers of Express Oil/ Power Oil were captured during the testing period.


Knowledge Gained:
A full understanding of the ISPS Code and our roles as a port users.


How to determine the period associated with security threat coupled with our Terminal Facility Security Plan, Risk and Threat Plan, port user facility plan & port access control plan.


Intelligence and security measures that the Contracting government through the designated authority (Liberia Maritime Authority) expect from our PST in due course. The cautions are expected to meet international standards.


However, we want to thank our facilitating partners, The Atlantic Coast Security Titans through its able Representative Col. Samuel S. Brisbane and his team alongside the Liberia Maritime Authority ( Ernest Doe) for the knowledge shared and further recommendations made. We see it as a need to improve our existing system for the best of its growth.



The Management indulged the professional authenticity of all of our partners and appreciate your help and work in making Power Oil/ Express Oil a hold-some place.

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