Increased Safety At Our Oil Terminal in Maryland 


The Express Oil Maryland Tank Farm is one and the largest tank farms in the South East with 3 tanks in operation so far. The site handles a wide range of petroleum products with a capacity of over 9568MT . It was built by the Express Oil imposed stringent operational safety standards right from the start to avoid any overfill accidents which have plagued the industry in general, resulting in loss of life, loss of image and millions of dollars of damage.


Our Customer Benefits Include The Following:

* Increase of plant safety by using an independent and diverse system to protect life, environment and assets

* Highest safety standards by using a state-of-the-art and certified safety system

* Increase of efficiency and reduction of efforts by performing remote automated proof tests

* Reduction of insurance costs as well as increase of plant performance and productivity

* Increase of business by attaining an image

We sale at-most million metric tonnes a month to our value customers and helped to move the off stream sales of Gasoline in the Liberian society. and with the coming in of our Maryland Project. It is estimated that transportation for Company and commercial will reduce due to the availability of the two products, (PMS & AGO) present in the regions.


Extra Credits and Bonus to the Market

Customers in their every day purchased, enjoys the comfort and the credit and 3 to 5% credit record we offered and so this has keep us going over these years. we can as well increase the percentage of the price base upon your credit and purchases record at POWER-Oil or any of our distributors corner giving a fair analysis of the market at a particular time.


our plans are equal probability that keeps our customer coming to our doorsteps. The unique plans are the variable that allows us to think of the rest of Liberia and to promotes growth in the Petroleum Circle in Liberia. We will increase our revenue base to the western cluster and part of the centra region by mid 2024 ending the long sufferings.