Experience and expertise is a very powerful combination. Our experience in understanding clients’ requirement, couple. with our technical expertise has made us to do business with numerous clients across.


(Some Past And Current Projects)

  1. Save the Children International: (USDA – LEARN project – food distribution to schools in several counties of Liberia)
  1. Bride International: (Distribution of schools books and materials to schools across Liberia)
  1. PLAN International:(Distribution of mosquitos nets to households across Liberia)
  1. WELT HUNGER:(Transportation of building materials to south – East Liberia)
  1. Water – Aid:(Vehicle Rental Service)
  1. Central Bank of Liberia – CBL:(Transportation service)
  1. Innovation for poverty Action – iPA: (Transportation service)
  1. UNFAO:(Transportation service)
  1. Mary’s Meal:(Transportation service)
  1. Partners in Health:(Transportation of assorted medical supplies to counties across Liberia)
  1. WFP:(Distribution of food commodities to schools across Liberia)